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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Weigh Day

I couldn't sleep last night. I was awake until one and was awakened at 7 by the annoying ring of my cell phone alarm (three times!) I had hoped eating the tasiest ice cream in the world the day before weigh in wouldn't bite me in the ass, and it didn't. Hoooray. Okay, that's a lie. I didn't lose a single pound, when earlier this week I was down 2. That means that the diet coke/diet rootbeer and ice cream I had yesterday really kicked my ass. I'm sure of it in fact. I also need to throw away the rest of the Easter candy. (Who wastes candy!?!?)

My meeting was typical to say the least. I wasn't down (or up!) a single pound, and yet my hubby lost 4 without even trying. CURSE HIM. He loses 3.5-4 lbs every single week. I feel like I'm stuck, and this is the weight I was stuck at for years before having my daughter too, so I expected this struggle.

Normally, I'm very quiet. I sit in the middle of the room, and keep my head down the entire time. I listen contently, and smile pleasantry as people talk. Today, I finally got the courage to speak out loud, and of course there's a frog in my throat. I felt like an idiot, and my face turned beat right. I cleared my throat and tried again. Cindy (my leader) told me that I was correct and that what I had said was the most important topic. (Go me.) Just then my husband gives me this side eye look and makes my face go beat red. He teases me for not talking, and the one time I do, he makes me blush! Yep, that's my Andy. (Who, by the way, hit his 5% goal in our 5th week. He's down 14 pounds already, and I'm only down 7.)

So, I'm glad that my bday ice cream didn't kill me. I'm disappointed that I didn't lose, but I was prepared for that. This week I'm going to get back into moving more, and trying to get in those veggies! Last week was a rough week. Easter Candy, My birthday, Ice cream.......it was all too much! Next week WILL be better. (I hope.) On a happy note, I am still at my pre-baby weight, which is amazing.

Well friends, that was my day. I know I don't have much to say, but honestly my contacts are a little dry and my eye is sexily bloodshot so I am going to go remove them and put on my glasses for a few hours. (WHA?!) And in case anyone was wondering, my husband and I saw date night last night. I honestly haven't laughed so much, or so hard at a movie in YEARS. I nearly cried! Then today, I treated myself to a funky punky new hair do. $30 well spent for my own birthday present, to uh, myself.

I will blog more later. Or maybe I won't. But for now, it's chicken salad sandwhiches with light mayo *ew* and chopped celery/onion/red bell peppers for lunch. Hooray. I love fast easy lunches. Feel free to send recipes my way. Tweet me. Facebook me. Email me. I don't care. Just show the love.

Peace, Love, and Netflix
Sarah V.

P.s. I'm still waiting for Jackshit to jump out of my birthday cake...but, I think he's stalling. :)


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