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Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Free Weekend

So as some of you may have noticed, I wasn't around this weekend much. I decided to take a break from the usual weight loss world, and blogs associated with it. It was nothing personal, I just decided that I was becoming a little too obsessive over it, and needed a break. Instead of focusing on my blogs, I spent the weekend with my family.

My husband, father in law, daughter, and I all spent Sunday playing on the back patio. It was a gorgeous weekend. In fact, it was so nice that my husband and I decided to go buy a small charcoal grill, but instead of burgers or streaks, we grilled lean turkey burgers! I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious they were. I know a lot of people don't like charcoal grills, but that's what I grew up on. I also had a diet rootbeer with my turkey burger and 1 oz of bbq chips. Yeah, it was so freaking good.

I'm proud to say that I also did great with points yesterday. I actually had TEN points left after dinner. I had to fight to get all my points in before bed. That NEVER happens to me. I'm always out of points after supper! So, I was pretty proud of myself for that. I also have been eating more fruits and veggies. Quinn told me to take some sweet grapes and freeze them so they are like a hard candy treat, so I am going to attempt that next time we get groceries. Anyone want to try it with me?! I am always up for trying new things, as long as it doesn't include foods that I'm for SURE I don't like.

I have to say, I must be doing something right. On Saturday, I weighed in at 195.5, and the weight watchers scale matched my home scale. Today, I stepped on the scale and was so surprised to see the following numbers.....................

Okay, first of all, let me say I have no idea why my feet look so creepy. They are not creepy feet, of this I assure you. They are cute, and small. (Size 7, for a girl who's almost six foot tall.) Second of all, I can not WAIT to see a number that begins with a 1-8, instead of a 1-9, or 2-0. I am so excited about this weight loss. I need to get to work on toning up my body so I don't end up a flabby mess of goo, but so far I look pretty good. I will post some before/after pictures in a blog later today or this week. I found some pics of my belly before I started losing weight back in Jan/Feb, and my jaw DROPPED. I never realized exactly how much weight I'd lost until I saw those pictures. For anyone keeping track, I was 209 in January and am now 193.2 (194.4 when fully clothed, and yes I'm naked in the pic above.) Wish me luck as I continue on this journey, and if ANYONE has any good food ideas, recipes, work outs, etc. Feel free to comment or shoot me an email!

Peace, Love, and Early Morning CMT
Sarah V.


The Hay Family said...

Congrats on that great number on the scale. I am so amazed at your progress! I hope you like your frozen grapes...I love them. I am glad you are back to the blog world. Though of course family time is number one!

Nathalie said...

OMG! And now I'm just jealous. . .:oP But seriously, that's so awesome! Yay!

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