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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Question Mark.

This blog is not about punctuation. In fact, this blog isn't even related to the question mark. This blog is about the period. So guys, you may want to stop reading now.

Today I had my weigh in. I was fairly disappointed, but I am trying to remain positive. I had a .5lb gain. I am chalking this up to my period. You see, normally I gain 2-3lbs during "that time" of the month, and I was trying really hard to counteract that. I weighed myself yesterday and my scale was nice to me. I weighed myself before I went, and my scale was not so nice. It said I had gained 2lbs since yesterday. I walked for half an hour yesterday, I only used 8 of my 35 points, and I have been eating better. Well, I had been eating better. The last 2 days or so, I gave into my sweet tooth. Damn you reproductive system!

I never went over my points or anything, but the last few days my final 4-6 pts for the day were sweets. A little 6pts of chex mix here, a little 2 pt ice cream there, it added up. Plus, I am bloated to the moon! (*mutters under breath* Stupid...stupid...stupid...reproductive system.) I guess I should be happy that I realized what I was doing, and I'm making an effort to stop. Today for lunch I had a bagel w/fat free cream cheese for 3 pts, and some olive and rosemary crackers I got at todays meeting. Omg they are amazingly delicious and only 2 pts. Plus, I've already had 4 servings of water and its only 11. Woohoo!

I should be proud of myself for only having a .5lb gain when normally its 2-3lbs during my time. I am hoping to come back from it next week with a 2+lb loss. Well, fingers crossed anyways! I am trying to remind myself that I'm new to this lifestyle, and its going to take a while to transition myself. I also learned an important lesson this week. If I buy food while I'm pmsing thinking I will be able to portion it, I'm wrong. It turns out that my trigger foods are mainly just around these 7 days out of the month. Wish me luck and send me skinny vibes for next week. I'll need them.

OH! Before I forget, my arm is all healed up so it's back to the daily grind of working out. Lets hope that helps move this weight loss along.

Peace, Love, and Question marks?
Sarah V.


The Hay Family said...

.5 pounds....not so bad for THAT time. Consider it a victory and drink lots of water. I am sure you will have a good weigh-in next week!

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