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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Buckets!

Last night, I started my very own bucket list with the inspiration of my friend Brooke. I put the pen to paper and started writing. I stopped once I hit number 80. I will tell you, this isn't your typical bucket list. It consists of things that I might never be able to control, but would still like to do. So, I guess it's a little strange...just like me! So, without further delay, here it is. My totally random list of things to do before I die.

  1. Visit all 50 states, and have my photo taken next to the "welcome to" sign. (Ex: Welcome to Ohio sign.)
  2. Graduate college.
  3. Own a photo studio.
  4. Run a marathon.
  5. Get hair extensions.
  6. Travel to an exotic island.
  7. Meet Shane Dawson & Zach Braff.
  8. Do one thing that I'm terrified of.
  9. Drastically change someone elses life.
  10. Be financially stable.
  11. Have a bedroom with red walls.
  12. Own a brand new car that is fully paid off.
  13. Pay off all of my old debts.
  14. Meet my half brother.
  15. Visit my grandfathers grave.
  16. See France
  17. Break all the rules in any one place. (Like a swimming pool!)
  18. Visit New York with my daughter.
  19. Be 100% happy with my body.
  20. Be someone elses inspiration.
  21. Publish a collective book of poetry and short stories featuring only the works of myself and my friends.
  22. Write a song.
  23. Learn to cook without a cookbook.
  24. Tell my brothers I love them.
  25. Finish my scrapbook.
  26. Burn all memorabilia from my exes.
  27. Be in a music video.
  28. Have my tattoos touched up.
  29. Be thin enough to rock a belly button ring.
  30. Meet all of my online friends in person!
  31. Learn to stop holding grudges.
  32. Watch a scary movie, alone, at night, in the dark.
  33. Own a home.
  34. Decorate my own home. (Yes, these two go together.)
  35. See a clone.
  36. Get over my fear of being in public.
  37. Make new friends.
  38. Learn to trust people again.
  39. Be brave enough for public speaking.
  40. Learn how to skip rocks.
  41. Try tofu.
  42. Have dinner with Hugh Laurie.
  43. Adopt a pet.
  44. Build a tree house.
  45. Drive for days with no destination.
  46. Spend a week in Hollywood.
  47. Ride a horse.
  48. Be a movie extra.
  49. Get a makeover from my friend Barbie Teal. 
  50. Spend one whole week with the Hay family.
  51. Get a breast reduction and lift.
  52. Get a career in medicine.
  53. Fall asleep under the stars with someone I love.
  54. See my baby brother graduate.
  55. Buy jeans in a one digit size.
  56. Move back to Iowa.
  57. See another concert. (I've only seen 3)
  58. Get drunk with my brother Ty, LEGALLY!
  59. Skinny dip in the rain
  60. Go for a walk with Ryan. 
  61. Find god.
  62. Wear a wedding dress. (I got married in blue jeans and a red top.)
  63. Ask forgiveness from all those who I've wronged.
  64. Own an autographed cd.
  65. Have a song written about me and recorded for me.
  66. Sing karaoke.
  67. Stop caring about what people think of me.
  68. Be a suicide girl for one day.
  69. Laugh until milk squirts out my nose.
  70. Take my mom out for a spa/girls day.
  71. Try an expensive wine.
  72. Start a charity.
  73. Learn how to play an instrument.
  74. Own 500 dvds.
  75. Take a pottery class.
  76. Learn how to paint on canvas.
  77. Buy a telephoto lens
  78. Have a picnic on a rooftop
  79. Finish my weight watchers goal by my 25th birthday. 

There you have it. Have you done any of these? Whats on your list?
Peace, Love, and Randomosity.
Sarah V.


    Nathalie said...

    Tell ya what, come to NC and I'm sure my mom will let you ride her horse. :)

    Sarah V. said...

    I am actually planning on coming to NC to meet up with a friend of mine in Raeford at some point! :)

    The Hay Family said...

    Great list Sarah! I think you can mark #20 off! ;) and as soon as we buy a house we would LOVE to have you visit for a week!I really loved this post! i am working on my bucket list, too!

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