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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something Amazing Happened...

For the first time in forever today I threw on a pair of jeans that sit on my hip, and not over my belly button. I was in the process of washing my 'mom jeans' so I figured no one would see me in them around the house anyways. I grabbed a shirt to throw on, and looked at myself in the mirror. That's when it happened...

I was happy! I was happy about the way I looked. I was HAPPY to have pants sitting where they belonged instead of waist high. I was happy to see myself in the mirror looking the way I did. It felt like it was the first time I'd seen myself in a long time. I stood there happily voguing for the mirror, the camera, and myself. I had just gotten out of bed, and my hair was still a mess. Guess what, I didn't care! I wanted to run through the house jumping. Sooooo, being the skeptic that I am I stepped on the scale...(HELLO APRIL!)

197 pounds, are you freaking kidding me? Three months ago I weighed almost 210! How did I get to this point? Could it have been the dieting and exercising? Well, now thats just silly. I mean, if losing weight were as easy as long term diet and exercise regimens then why hasn't anyone ever told me that befo--oh WAIT, I've heard that all my life. (It's too hard, It hurts, I don't wanna.) Yeah, well guess what body. we kicked that mentality right in the ass, and its getting us back to a happier place! Sure, my hips are always going to be bigger and pop out a little more, but my waist is looking a little sexier to me. Yeah, that's right I said it. I'm a curvy girl. So what? My top and bottom pretty much level out, so I am enjoying this look. I can't wait to see what I weigh in at on Saturday. My hopes are not high, I'm just praying that the scale isn't playing a mean trick on me. I will be happy with a 1 lb loss, but i'm secretly hoping for 3 again. (Sits back and drinks 80 calorie chicken soup at hand.)

So even though I look terrible from having just got out of bed, I don't care. I will show you some of my morning photos. I'm by no means a "skinny minny" but I've come a long way from 262 pounds. Here's a reminder of what I looked like then...

Before: 262 pounds (size 18/20)

And now get ready for the after. I am so proud of how far I've come, and I'm actually EXCITED to keep going further! I am TWO fricking pounds from pre-pregnancy weight, and only 27 pounds from goal. I am hoping to reach it in 6 months, but I am realistically giving myself 1 year. I'll take any bets or guesses from you guys. :) hehe.

Outfit 1: Tiny Tank Top 
(used as an undershirt, don't worry!)

Outfit number 2: My favorite pink Aeropostale shirt.

And thirdly: My belly shots. 
(I advise you look away now if train wreck tummies bother you, lol)

I'll give you some time to exit this page before I show you.

Are you gone yet?

....Still waiting.

I wonder how annoying this must be.

So wait, you WANT to see them?

...But they're gross.

My stomach looks like I was mauled by a tiger.

....Actually, that's just what I like to tell people.

Okay, fine. You can see them, but..

Promise not to point and laugh?

*SIGH* The things I do for you guys.

HEY! I can hear you snickering about my hat. You stop that.
Okay, the hat was an odd choice, but I hadn't even combed my hair yet this morning!
Geez. Cut a girl some slack.

And that was my amazing happening today.
=) Leave some love.

Peace, Love, and Tater Tots?
Sarah V.


The Hay Family said...

woo, Sarah! Looking great! I say you can lose the weight in 6 months. You have made a lot of progress. Do you realize...I have only lost about 8-10 pounds, depending on what day I weigh myself. So you have lost more than me! Think about that next time you look at my pics. Keep up the good work.

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