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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Lovin Friday...

It's Fun Loving Friday!

As I'm sure you can guess by the photo above, my fun loving Friday entry today is about my cell phone! I love my cell phone with all my heart for several different reasons. 
For starters, it has tons of pictures of my daughter in it. It also makes as a good make shift camera when I don't have my Canon with. Sure the quality sucks, but its the memory that counts right?
Second of all, my entire family is in there. My dad got his first cell phone this year (at the age of 45, tear, they grow up so fast) and he has just learned how to text. My mom and I also only stay in contact via text anymore. I call her once or twice a month, but we text often. I love getting random texts from them. Its so odd, but its like they know when I need a little parental pick me up.
Thirdly, it has my friends in there! (IE: YOU GUYS!) People I haven't seen in years text me and we have fun little chats. Even some people I've never met (like my best friend Ryan) text me! Btw, He is my favorite texter, just because he's so entirely random. (Of course Quinn is a very close second, she's also a very fun texter!) Just since yesterday I've already received 45 texts. So really, I have to say that I Looooove my phone. It's my sanity!!
And finally, it has the internet and a touch screen. I mean, who doesn't love laying in bed, sitting on twitter, facebook, blogger, myspace, or youtube? I know I do. Sometimes I just don't want to bust out my giant laptop to see what's going on in internet land.

It's hard to live away from your family and friends. I literally left my entire life behind in Iowa the day I moved to Tennessee. I left the world I knew and grew up in behind me. I feel like I'm completely lost without my phone, even if its been days since someone called or texted. I honestly feel like my phone is my only access to the world back home, and as long as I have it, I have a little piece of home with me. Does that make sense? 

That is why my superawesomecellphone is the thing I love today. (Also, it now has a pink case on it, and is so much cuter.)

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Peace, Love, and Another year older
Sarah V.

P.s. I also love today, but only because its my birthday AND a Friday. <3 Woohoo.
This blogger is officially 24.


The Hay Family said...

I am 2nd? hmmmph. I am going to cry alone in a corner now. :(

Just kidding....I hope you are having super awesome rad fantabulous Birthday! And I hope you get my presents soon! HUGS!!!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I was just coming over to thank you for the wonderful twitter comment, but now I get to wish you a happy happy birthday as well. As a matter of fact, I'm willing to jump out of a cake for you, but we gotta agree that I get to eat as much as I want while I'm in there waiting...

Sarah V. said...

I suppose I'll allow it. Just be sure that its a deliciously chocolate cake, and that you dont get too warm in there. No one likes a soggy cake.

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