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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have been so busy today, that I can't believe it's almost seven thirty. I have been up since eight am, and have not stopped moving since! To begin, my husband and I got up at eight, and he cooked breakfast for the family. We all sat down and enjoyed pancakes, toast, and eggs as a family. (Plus, it was only 6 points and way more filling than my usual fiber one.)

Around nine, we began getting ready to go. We had to run to his work, get his check, cash his check, and get to the eye doctor place by eleven. That also included the time it took both of us to get dressed, and ready. Plus, we then had to get Emma changed, dressed, and ready to go. By the time we got his paycheck it was 10:30. We got to the eye doctors at eleven on the nose. From there on out, it took half an hour for us to fill out paper work.

We waited for a good 45 minutes before the doctor came out to get my husband. He decided at the last minute to go for contact lenses even though he has had glasses for the past twelve years. His appointment took over an hour, because it took the doctor more than twenty minutes to get contacts into his eyes. They are very small and squinty, which made it hard on the doctor. After his appointment was over, it was my turn. Meanwhile, Emma is just sitting there quiet as a mouse the entire time! I was so proud of her. Nonetheless, my appointment took less than half an hour. The eye doctor commented on my *huge* eyes, and how easy it was to get my lenses in. We got the right lens in problem free, but the left lens didn't want to center. About five minutes later, we had both lenses in and working fine.

Little did I know that the doctor had to numb and dilate my eye. He was even more chatty than I am, which I thought was impossible. He just sat there and asked me all these questions about Iowa. I was asked if my daddy was a farmer. I was asked if everyone there was Catholic. I was asked how much corn we sell to the rest of the world. Well, honestly just about any cliche question you can think of about the midwest came from this mans mouth. Suddenly, the bright lights were hurting me and he says, "Oh, that's just the dilation. It will go away in forty minutes or so." Well...I had no idea he even dilated my eyes. But, okay!

We wound up spending THREE hours at the eye doctor today. After we left it was past lunch time and my husband wanted to stop to get something to eat. I kept arguing against him, but he said I just should use my weekly points and it would be a 'celebratory' purpose. So, I gave in and agreed. We went to taco johns and got small potato ole's, a diet pepsi, and a chicken grilled burrito. The entire meal totaled 24 points. OH. MY. GOD. I only get 29 a day. I am already at -1 and I haven't even had supper yet. I feel horrible, bloated, and I have an upset stomach. I haven't eaten fast food with the exception of subway in weeks. WEEKS! My stomach is very upset with me right now for that decision, but I'm crossing my fingers that I don't gain too much. I'm going to have to do an ass kicking workout tonight and tomorrow.

Unfortunately for me, it rained and stormed ALL day. I didn't get to go outside to do my run for the 2nd day in a row, but I will try to do the elliptical tonight. Right now I have a horrible "new prescription" migraine, so I want to just lie down and sleep.  It doesn't help that it did NOT take 40 minutes for my eyes to return to normal size, but rather FOUR HOURS. Pitfall of having huge eyes I imagine.

So after we ran all those errands, we put the baby down for a nap. The hubby and I laid in bed with our eyes closed and ended up falling asleep for an hour ourselves. We got up, got dressed, and went right back out. This time we drove half an hour to a gamestop so my husband could get a new mic/headset. I know that sounds silly, but it will save my sanity because its stereo headphones with a built in mic. That means I no longer have to hear things exploding, or him screaming at the top of his lungs *over* things exploding. Thank goodness for that! While we were there, I made him take me to the walmart across the street. I ended up getting some new makeup. Now that you can see my eyes again, I thought I might wear more makeup again. And I got my daughter a spout cover.

A few days ago, she stood up in the bathtub. She drug her back against the tub spout and got about a 4 inch gash across her back. She screamed for a good twenty minutes while we were trying to doctor her up. This spout is shaped like an octopus, and was only eight dollars. Then I just got a few little knick knacks here and there, and we drove another half an hour home. I am just now resting my feet today, for the first time since 8 am, minus our one hour nap.

Hopefully, I start to feel better soon so I can workout. But my day has been so busy that my head is nearly spinning.

Peace, Love, and Caterpillars.
Sarah V.


The Hay Family said...

wow...What a busy, busy day! Hope you can get a nice relaxing day tomorrow! Chat with you later!

Nathalie said...

Whew, sounds like a really busy day!

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